Ridgway Roundhouse Products

Welcome to Ridgway Roundhouse Products

Ridgway Roundhouse Products is a combination of Rudy Van
Wingen's "Como Roundhouse Products" and David Conway's
"Conway's Locomotives Company" and "Lavacot Machine Works".
Along with  Lorin Brown and  "Chuck" Francis and  Gene Skogland
along with Ken Johnson contributing their talents along the way.
With out these fine men's help and talents Ridgway Roundhouse
Products would not be possible. And of course you the discerning
Our goal at Ridgway Roundhouse Products is to provide the best
quality product possible at a reasonable price and in a reasonable
Please remember that Ridgway Roundhouse Products is a side line
business. We do not carry a large inventory of product. We will do
are best to advise you on a approximate delivery date.

Please watch our "announcements" page and "What's New" page,
as we will be adding new and revisited items from time to time.

If you have any questions or comments you can e-mail us @
Please enjoy our web-site and Thank You for visiting  Ridgway
Roundhouse Products.